"It isn’t simply what you do in your life that matters,
it’s who you are."

This was the creed of Thompson patriarch and teacher, Fred Thompson, Sr. And this is how his children, Warren, Fred Jr., and Benita, have chosen to lead this company since its founding in 1992.

What we do every day is in service of our many clients, customers, and communities across the country. We look at every person and project as the most important one of the day. And we are always adding services, products, and systems that make your life easier.

Recognized as “Company of the Year” in 2010 by Black Enterprise Magazine, we’re a company whose performance is guided by six simple standards

  • Serve the Highest Quality Food Provide World-Class Service
  • Maintain Flexibility to Better Serve Our Clients
  • Be Accountable For Our Actions
  • Celebrate Diversity
  • Give Back to Our Communities

Our mission is to provide a positive experience to every relationship in which we are involved: one Guest, one Client, one Team Member at a time.