The longer you serve college students the more you actually understand college students.

Our food servers aren’t just food servers. They are familiar faces that always offer a smile or ask how the Psych test went. They know what college and university students want and what their goals are. In turn, Thompson Hospitality is able to provide higher education institutions with the best dining options, access to our network of corporate clients for employment and internship opportunities, as well as upscale venues for alumni and recruitment activities.

We share a commitment to diversity and social responsibility, and to meeting the needs of on-the-go students and faculty members with a variety of eateries including Austin Grill Express, which offers the same quality Tex-Mex menu choices as our Austin Grill restaurant, the American Tap Room - replicating our award-winning, classic American fare right in their cafeteria or food court, and BRB Be Right Burger, which offers made to order gourmet burgers at delicious prices. 

Resident Dining:
Our resident dining programs are current with the latest trends and meet the ever-evolving needs of students, faculty and staff. The resident dining programs are student-centered, culinarily innovative, and socially responsible.
Retail Dining:
Industry trends tell us that students would rather dine at an establishment with a National brand name.  We have partnerships with more than 100 National brands.  Some have been in our neighborhoods since the 60's; some just became the latest trend last year.  Our solid relationship with these National brands allows us to offer exactly what students want on campus.

Measuring Satisfaction:
We use state- of-the art tools to measure satisfaction on campus.  Some of these tools include:

  • Comment Cards
  • Customer and Client Satisfaction Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • On-line Feedback
  • Meet the Manager's Night
  • Secret Shoppers

Health and Wellness:
We promote healthy eating habits through our Balanced U program.
Our guests are able to make informed nutrtional decisions because we list the nutritional information for all our menus.
We provide monthly subjects to educate our guests about food and the long-term effects of healthly eating.
Our campus communities require three levels of service to meet the different needs on each campus.  Those three levels are:
In Your Space - for groups and organizations that want someone to supply the food at a reasonable cost.
In Any Event - Our most popular style of catering.  Meals are offered either buffet style or plated.
In-Style Catering - Executive level catering that requires VIP service.

Service is our core but technology is vital in this day and age on campuses.  We offer a strong suite of technology solutions for our campuses through our partnership with industry-leading companies.
Strategic Marketing Plan on Every Campus
Marketing isn't just advertising. Successful marketing highlights the advantages of dining on campus to maximize required and voluntary meal plan and participation. To drive retail sales, increase brand awareness and customer satisfaction.